Kate Upton Shows Us How To Do The Dougie Dance

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Upton Makes Us Forget That the Clippers Won a Game with Her Dougie Dance

Despite the Los Angeles Clippers defeating the contending Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday at Staples Center, a much bigger story has been making the rounds since the weekend, Kate Upton's interpretation of the Dougie dance.

You know, the dance to that hit song everyone wants to mimic, 'Teach Me How to Dougie' by Cali Swag District.

Kate Upton's dance is further proof that no matter how much the Clippers rise, even if they rise to the level of the Lakers, there will always be good-looking celebrities in the stands to overshadow them.

All it takes nowadays is a Youtube post and you're blowing up faster than a Donald Sterling on a Baron Davis.

Honestly, I was concentrated on more than just Kate Upton's dance, like the game.

But Kate Upton sure knows how to draw men away from the game. There will be many rewindings of Kate Upton's Dougie dance, but there won't be many rewindings of the Clippers' game against the Thunder, unless you're Thunder coach Scott Brooks.

If I had to judge Kate Upton's dance in terms of skill, I'd probably give her a 3.5 out of 10.

But if I had to judge her on how entertained I was, I'd probably give her an 8.

Shows the good looks can get you these days, in short, perhaps 17,000 views and counting on Youtube.