Fitness Expert Jennifer Nicole Lee Wows In Wet Tank

Fitness model, actress, and author Jennifer Nicole Lee is making headlines for an outfit - or the lack of an outfit - she wore this week while frolicking in the Miami Beach sand.

The 36-year-old rocked a see-through shirt with the phrase 'kiss my abs' and bikini bottom that didn't really cover much of anything. If she was hoping for publicity, she got it.

Jennifer Nicole Lee made a name for herself when she dropped 80 lbs. after having her second child. She earned the title of Miss Bikini America before going on to release fitness DVDs. Women identify with her because of her personal struggle and her focus on self-confidence.

'Being positive is understanding that you're in control of your destiny and that people, events… (they don't) make you, (they don't) break you. You actually make your own life and you create your own destiny, and that's where I really started my weight-loss success. It was really a transformation,' she told in an interview.

'I said, 'You know what? I'm going to love myself heavy. I just gave birth, I'm proud of my accomplishments, yeah I'm not where I want to be on my weight and how I look, but I'll get there,' and I wasn't going to beat myself up and do it through guilt, I was just going to be proactive and enjoy the process. And that's what having a positive mindset is all about.'

Despite her sexy beach poses, Jennifer Nicole Lee said a woman's best asset is her confidence.

'I've seen some of the most beautiful women, but when they open up their mouths or they come into a room, you can automatically tell who has self-confidence and who doesn't, you know?' Jennifer Nicole told the men's website. '…I really believe you have to have vitamin C, which is not orange juice or in a vitamin; it's actually vitamin 'C' meaning 'Confidence.' And I think that's what really makes someone sexy and attractive.'